Always reblog.

remember how yt feminists on tumblr.com were wondering why onika and beyonce are considered feminists because of their use of the word bitch? and yet they still reblog the shit out of tina fey doing the same thing.

*sips tea*

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deleting this blog follow @heylainey if u care

Does anyone want the free download code to Donkey Kong 3, Super Mario 6 Golden Coins, Metroid, Wario Land 2? Got elite status on club nintendo but I’m not interested in any of them.

My town is overrun by flowers!

I’m giving away packs for breeding purposes (meaning, if you’re trying to breed orange tulips, I can give you loads of yellows and reds, and I can come over and even set them up right for you, if you need it.)

Just tell me what you’re breeding for, and I’ll tell you how many I have. I really don’t care about selling, but tips are appreciated! I mainly just want these flowers out of my hair.

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AC:NL Flash Giveaway


Super fast giveaway since I’ve never had one before and just want to try it out! Good luck!



-10 million bells



-must be following me

-I will need your FC

-Ends in 1 hour (11:30 pm EST)

-reblogs and likes count



me: okay let’s put this tiny sign here, roughly fifty feet away from my house

isabelle: gee mayor, it’s kind of close to your house!

me: okay how about here it’s farther away by like one space

isabelle: sorry mayor!! it’s too close to that rock!

me: okay how about here in this empty field

isabelle: oh no! it’s too close to my  furry  ass!! it should be at least seven light years away from my  furry  ass on all sides uwu

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quickly threw together some dresses! I even came up with some decent names this time ehe

enjoy! (。´∀`)ノ


i guess i haven’t played enough because margie moved out :( legitimately kinda wanna restart because of it but holding back. my town is nice. my town is good. we can get her back.

the holy square?? plus me. just hangin around

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if someone has tomodachi life and wants me on their island, here you go

updated qr!


if someone has tomodachi life and wants me on their island, here you go

updated qr!

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