my phone has such shitty quality and ur skin isn’t yellow but yes i love seeing u on my dash ur awesome

the words were supposed to look like that spongebob thing where squidward was alone




if macklemore broke my nose I would sue him so fast drain his bank account buy myself a new nose, a range rover, three jacuzzis, a copy of The Wizard of Oz & taco bell if I had change left over

Macklemore made a song about thrift shops what made you think he has money

he taxes the gays

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 Zodiac necklaces at Valentino Spring 2014

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JOHN STAMOS • WEDNESDAY, JULY 23 • 6:15pm ET / 3:15pm PT

He’s played with The Beach Boys and in his own band, Jesse & the Rippers. Now, the uncle you’ve always wanted stars in the new comedy, My Man Is A Loser, where he teaches men how to be better in relationships.

John Stamos has so much to share, he’s willing to lay it all out on Tumblr.

Submit your questions here, don’t be shy, then follow My Man is a Loser and hop on your dashboards on Wednesday, July 23rd at 6:15pm ET / 3:15pm PT for John Stamos’s Dashboard Confessions.

Various Clouds, by Vincent Van Gogh.

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what i wanna be: 💑 💪 😌 🆒

what i am: 🍰🍦🍞🐘😔🆗

so my granddad told my sister not to eat so much or she’ll get fat like me which is so weird. like. why would he say that. I don’t need him hating on my body i do that enough on my own

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"Call 1-800-steemer. Stanley Steemer gets carpets cleaner!"


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okay so if harry potter was born in 1980, and went to hogwarts in like 91, that means he was in his sixth year in 1996
do you think he knew about the spice girls? i mean.. i know he had shit going on with horcruxes that year but wannabe isn’t something that happens without you taking note of it

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my hair has grown into a mullet. Nice

i have never eaten a hamburger 😌

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” 

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fucking show-off


It’s Dinner Time With Charles The Human And Jake The Beagle !!

And I now have some prints available over here :

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